Why Israelis are expected to rebound faster in the post Corona period

Everyone involved in the travel industry knows the big questions marks related to the when of foreign tourist arrivals and the number of tourists that reasonably may be expected in 2020-21-22. The big unknown relates to the policy of the MoH of the inbound destination and the outbound market; the policy regarding travel warnings from the outbound market in general and to the destination in particular; new air-traffic regulations; the return of direct flights to the destination; the impact of the financial crisis and health insurance related issues.

All these answers will all have a major impact on the return of traffic and most of them are not known yet. However, with all uncertainties of the current crisis, we do believe that Israel will be one of the first outbound markets to bounce back.

Hereby nine reasons for this cautious optimism and why Israel should be a preferred source market for tourism-marketing investments:

1: As it seems now, Israel has been less affected than many other source markets as related to Covid-19 virus. Due to these positive results, we hope that many destinations will relatively soon accept Israeli tourists to enter their territories. We also hope that the Israeli authorities will allow Israelis to travel to “Corona Contained Destinations” without the need for a quarantine upon their return.

A first positive sign is the initial agreement by 6 countries to open their borders for each other (4/5/20: “Israel joins alliance of nations containing Virus”; 31/5: the Public Health Authorities of Seychelles identified a number of low-risk countries. This list defines countries approved for entry. Israel is included.

2: Compared to Europe, Israelis have little choice above taking a plane when making decisions related to their travel plans. Europeans can (and probably will) take a car or train in order to travel within Europe. Israelis don’t have that privilege. They can either opt for domestic tourism or take a plane. Domestic tourism in a very small country like Israel with very high hotel prices, is not the most