What is the structural and far reaching impact of Covid-19?

On the day Israel went into the second lock-down, I had the honour to be invited to a forum organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry CII, celebrating the World Tourism day.

Global travel industry leaders and thinkers were sharing their views on the main challenge that the world of tourism is dealing with and how they regard this should be dealt with. This clip of two minutes deal with the main threat of Covid as I perceive it – the collapse of the global village and a return to xenophobic nationalism and irrational mass hysteria – a concern that goes far beyond the commercial interest of the travel industry.

We all have a responsibility to ring the bell and force upon our political establishments an understanding that tourism is a global responsibility and not a short term choice. All our accomplishments are at risk: global solidarity, cross border curiosity and a more equal transfer of financial resources between nations. Other thoughts related to the solutions can to be found at the full recordings.