TerraNova Values

Our vision

Responsible tourism

We explore geographical highlights and experiences, away from the well-known mass icons. TerraNova means racial inclusion and acceptance of Love is Love, in any form.

Inspirational tourism

We highlight life-changing and cross-cultural experiences and values. We will never promote animal abuse or portray locals as colourful backgrounds for selfies.

Sustainable tourism

We strive to minimalize the negative impact of over-tourism and increase the well-being to nature and human society. Environmental care above mass exploitation of natural resources.

Low-season tourism

We focus on creating traffic all-year-round, including low season months when our clients and hosts need stability and revenues.

Emotional tourism

Repeaters are of great importance to the stability and growth of the destination. Our #1 effort is to create an ever-lasting emotional bond between the destination and the Israeli traveler.

Intelligent luxury

Enjoy life but do it responsibly. We promote the SLOW LIFE vision by Soneva: Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wellness, Learning, Inspiring, Fun, Experiences.

Our Duty

To listen

Our first duty is to listen to our clients, our stake-holders and our partners

To analyse

We will study the past and present and try to formulate options for the future

To connect

We will connect our clients to the travel trade, opinion makers, sponsors and consumers

To propose

We will suggest relevant strategies, efficient budgets and verifiable action plans

To create

Our activities will be on- and offline, B2B and B2C, mass and niche, print and digital

To prove

Our KPI? Increased all-year-round arrival figures and improved quality of consumer profile.

Our Expertise

Story tellers

Sharing your story to the Israeli audience is our passion and success

Trend setters

We know how to transmit your brand into a “must-experience” trend

Social media freaks

Buzz = Engagement, video views, bloggers and emotional involvement

Friends of the Travel trade

The leaders of the Israeli travel trade know us and we know them

Intelligence collectors

The Israeli market is different and complex. We create an in-depth understanding

Cross marketing experts

Appealing destinations and travel products attract stake-holders than can double every marketing dollar and reach more segments