Appointment by JNTO of marketing representation in Israel

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has appointed AVIAREPS to act as its public relations and trade representation agency of record in Turkey and Israel. Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) and AVIAREPS AG have decided to work with
TERRANOVA Tourism Marketing and Consultancy in Israel.

TERRANOVA Tourism Marketing and Consultancy will work on showcasing Japan as a multi-faceted tourism destination, across the Israeli trade, media and consumer audiences. The number of visitors from Israeli region to Japan exceeded 44,000 in 2019, with an annual growth rate of 12.8%. It was the highest recorded number of visitors from the region, and JNTO aims to stimulate further growth within the market.

Tomohide Ichikawa, Executive Director at JNTO London Office, said: “In the immediate future, the ‘new normal’ will reshape people’s travel preferences. Japan has a lot to offer as a tourism destination and is keen to welcome visitors from Israel, to the wealth of experiences available including unique natural

landscapes, regional cultures, and culinary experiences. We are excited to have AVIAREPS and TERRANOVA Tourism Marketing and Consultancy as our partner and look forward to working with them to strengthen our marketing strategies in close collaboration with Israeli media and travel agents.” 

Dov Kalmann, the founder and CEO of TERRANOVA Tourism Marketing and Consultancy added, “this nomination is a heartwarming proof of the warm relations between our countries and peoples. It expresses the trust in the future of tourism from Israel to Japan.
During these challenging days, this appointment by JNTO and AVIAREPS, is extraordinary and adds to our excitement and gratitude. We will make all efforts to justify this decision by doubling the number of Israeli arrivals within the next years.”

About JNTO
Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), a public organization of the Japanese government, promotes Japan as a leisure and business destination with the aims of encouraging international visitors to delve deeper into Japanese culture, and furthering
exchange between Japan and the wider world.

The JNTO London office works across 8 designated markets to disseminate information on Japan, conduct publicity and exhibitions around travel to Japan, develop tours to Japan, and much more. Since 2020, JNTO has set the Israeli market as a new priority market for strategic development.

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About Aviareps:
Founded in Germany in 1994 with an extensive office network that spans all six inhabited continents with offices across 48 countries, the AVIAREPS Group is the world’s leading airline and tourism representation company, representing over 100 airlines and more than 150 tourism, hospitality, retail and trade promotion clients.

About TERRANOVA Tourism Marketing and Consultancy:
TERRANOVA Tourism Marketing and Consultancy is Israels’ leading marketing agency specialized on branding and promoting foreign tourism brands in Israel. The company represents National and Regional Tourism Boards, global hotel chains and airlines. The
values of responsible and inspirational tourism are at the focus of its new tourism agenda.